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Circular Crane Magnets



Repairs and Rewinds

We can repair and magnet from a twelve inch pot magnet  to a sixty five inch diameter magnet up to 25 kW in power. Our windings are encapsulated in latest Class H insulation and resin materials to protect the coils in severe conditions also making for water resistant coil packs. This allows for excellent thermo-conductivity, thus allowing the magnets to perform for longer time periods.

magnet repairOur coils are wound in modern class H insulated aluminium wire which gives a result of light weight windings, excellent Gauss readings with the best Ampere/turns winding ratios.  We can also replace all wear parts, including the centre pole and outer pole along with manganese bump plates.

All repairs come with new HT assembly bolts, terminal pins and insulators, new lid gaskets, cable and cable gland.

All magnets are primed and painted before despatch along with our name plate with specifications and important information such as the Job No, Voltage, Amperage, and date of repair.

Magnet Hire

We have an available hire range of circular magnets, sizes ranging from forty inch diameter to fifty five inch diameter. Power ranging from 5 to 15 kW.

Hire magnets are available to each customer in order to minimise downtime whilst we are repairing your magnet. We discount hire charges for customers who receiving magnet service or repair from ourselves.

E.P.M.S. 2010 Efficient Magnet

E.P.M.S. 2010 Offer a range of new manufactured circular magnets known as the EM range. We specify circular magnet from forty inches in diameter to sixty five inchs diameter. Power ranges are form 5 kW to 20 kW.

We use the best available winding materials and insulation, together with strong steel bodies, manganese non magnetic bump plates and certified lifting chains. The overall design offers a low weight to high magnetic performance ratio according to to each size. Weight and technical specifications are available on request.

We offer a short lead time on placement of order. A twelve month manufactured warranty and service backup.

EPMS2010 Circular Magnet


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