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Transformer Servicing

Transformer ServicingAt EPMS 2010 Ltd our engineers have over 30 years experience in High Voltage transformer maintenance which involves monitoring the condition of the insulation oil in the transformers as recommended by British Standards.

Our service includes the accurate retrieval of oil samples from a transformer which are then sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. We provide comprehensive reports which cover a full range of routine tests such as water content, acidity, and electrical strength and we can also provide more extensive reports to include Dissolved gas analysis (DGA), Polychlorinated Biphenyl levels (PCB), Furans, Resistivity and Dielectric Dissipation Factors. If results prove the oil to be of an unsatisfactory condition we can offer an exchange service, filtration or on site oil change.

Transformer RepairOur maintenance services also includes a thorough visual check of the Transformer to report on current oil levels, general condition of the tank and cooling radiators, as well as  an inspection of any LV and HV connection boxes and their respective cabling along with checks of oil leaks. Where necessary we will also service silica gel breathers to help reduce moisture content in the transformer.

We can also offer an on site refurbishment of Transformer tanks. This includes a rust treatment program followed by an undercoat of primer and a top coat of gloss paint. We can replace defective parts on site. This would include sight gauges, radiators and LV/HV bushings winding temp indicators along with any size gaskets

The prompt identification and repair of any oil leaks and tank deterioration ensures the efficient and long term operation of this vital piece of equipment giving reliable  continuous  supply and peace of mind.

We recommend regular service schedules at cost effective prices throughout UK




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