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Plant for Sale at E.P.M.S. 2010


One Steinert electromagnetic drum magnet

Steinert Drum Magnet for saleSteinert electromagnetic drum magnet for sale. It measures 2000mm wide 1600mm diameter with material spill skirts drive sprocket and torque arm.

Rated at 220v DC fully refurbished for use on shredder plants or any ferrous separation plant.

Price... POA.



40 inch 220V DC Lifting Magnet

40 inch electro magnet for saleFor sale is a 40 inch  220V DC lifting magnet which draws 23 amps making it a powerful 40 inch magnet at 5KW.

This magnet has been stripped and  refurbished  (not Rewound) with new insulation between coils and body and new bolts throughout.

Magnet includes new set of chains and 2 metres of cable.

Supplied with a 3 month warranty, for sale at £3,300



45 inch EP Lifting Magnet

45 inch EP lifting magnet for saleFor sale is a 45 inch EP lifting magnet rated at 220 volts 5KW. Condition is good, with good cast body outer pole and centre pole. Both have good level of service left in them.

Also supplied with a set of chains and 2 metres of cable. This magnet is fully tested showing excellent electrical readings and temperature rise.

Priced at £3,500 with 3 months warranty




45 inch Burnand lifting magnet

45 Inch Burnand lifting magnet for saleFor sale is a 45 inch Burnand lifting magnet rated @ 220 volts DC 5 KW.

This  ex hire magnet comes with set of chains good cast body in working order for mobile crane. We also cover it with 1 month warranty.

Priced at £1,850.00





Brand New EPMS 2010 Drum Magnet


EPMS drum magnet for saleBrand new 1.2 metre wide 1.0 metre electro-drum magnet for use to ferrous recover in any recycling process.

The drum magnet is a powerful 5KW main and throw over coils designed for continuous use.
The drum has an 8mm manganese skin with throw over cleats.
Duplex drive sprockets and chain
Drum comes with a full 12 months warranty.

Please enquire for sale price.



Magnet Services 55inch fabricated magnet

Magnet Services 55 inch circular magnet for sale220v DC, 10KW, 50 Amps.

This magnet is in excellent condition.

Comes with set of chains and 6 months warranty.

Price £5,795.00




40 inch Circular Lifting Magnet

Rapid 40 inch Magnet for sale Epms 2010Rapid Magnet 40 inch for sale, 220V DC @ 7 Amps. 1.5 Kilo Watt.

This magnet was specially designed for continous use over a conveyor belt.

All day service assured, it is supplied with a set of chains.

One month warranty is included.

Price on request.



Circular Deep Field Magnet

Box Mag Rapid  55inch type LLW.  Circular deep field electro magnet.

220v DC  62 Amps  13.5KW

Magnet is virtually Brand new originally and a spare for large foundry which has never been used .

New chains...

Price on request.


Drum magnet

2 metre wide x 1.6 metre diameter electromagnetic drum magnet
Only been used for 2 years.
Has 2 coils main and throw over wound in aluminum and
comes with motor and gearbox.
Simplex drive chain and sprockets.
Transformer rectifier.
Manganese drum skin with throw over cleats.

Price on request


Re-conditioned circular lifting magnet 50 inch Industrial magnet


Refurbed 50 inch magnet for sale EPMS 2010Size 50 inch

Voltage 220v

current 54 amps

power 10.5 KW

This magnet is copper wound with 4 sepertate coils connected in series to in order to produce one very powerful 10.5 KW electro-magnet which gives excellent performance for this size.

Although the coils where not rewound all of the internal insulation has been replaced to class F standard along with the fitting of new terminal pins, cable and gaskets. The magnet has a cast body which is almost as new. The same can be said for the non-magnetic bump plate on the bottom of the magnet which has over 40mm of wear left on it. It also comes with a three leg set of chains.

This is a superb example of a 50 inch cast bodied magnet and is the best refurbished magnet we have in sock at present.

Please phone Mark Davies 07825 372897 for a price.


Re-conditioned Lifting circular magnet - Rotary Burnand 40 inch

rotary magnet for saleSize    40 inch

Voltage     220 V

Current     17 amps

Power      3.5 kW

Manufacturer    Rotary Burnand

This magnet has been fully stripped and re-insulated back to original installation valves.The magnet is completely encapsulated in epoxy resin to prevent water ingress, all mechanical parts have been replaced where necessary outer pole centre pole and manganese bump plate are all in good condition, magnet comes with 3 leg set of lifting chains attached along with a plug of your choice.

Magnet comes with 6 months guarantee delivered to your site  Price £2.950 + VAT


Plant for salePermanent Magnetic Overband


Manufacturer     Eriz magnets UK

Voltage                415 v  3phase 1.5 kW drive 

Performance       Approx 2200 gauss on face of belt

For use on 1 metre wide feed conveyor

Overband has been taken in as part exchange unit. The drive motor has been run and has tested OK. The belt is in good condition all bearings run freely  magnet has approx 1sq metre of permanent magnet block and has average magnet force for a unit of this size. Original manufacturers are a well know supplier of these units with a good reputation.

Any questions please call, price £4395.00 +VAT.



Permanent Magnetic Sweeper

Plant for saleAvailable in various widths from 300mm to our largest road sweepers at 1800mm all are robustly manufactured using solid rubber wheels that can be either used behind standard hook ups on forklift trucks or used attached to the front forks themselves. How you hook up is entirely your option. Each unit is adapted to suit each customers requirement. The lift of the unit is controlled by the magnet ON and magnet OFF arms.

Prices available upon request.


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