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Come and see us at the RWM Exhibition held at the NEC this September

EPMS 2010 will be exhibiting at the NEC here in Birmingham from 12-13 September 2018 We will be showcasing the best of our skillsets and are hoping to expand into new arenas.
We can be found on stand number 5B10 so please come and see us.

Full show details can be found here. .

Large shredder plot repair Liverpool Yard

Steinert drum separator repairEPMS 2010 has just completed another Steinert drum magnet repair.

This drum was over 30 years old, all of the coils were removed and re-insulatad before refitting onto the magnet core. A new shaft was manufactured and fitted before returning the unit back to service.

A very large drum and probably the most intensive repair for a long time.



More expansion to the service fleet

As you can see the the fleet has expanded once again, along with our potential to deliver a more effective breakdown service to you our customers. We are proud to continue to do our level best to keep your plant up and running throuhgout 2016 and beyond.

EPMS 2010 collection of service vehicles


Major repairs to large Steinert drum separator coil windings

These photos represent major repairs to the main coil off a Steinert 2100mm wide drum magnet. Several other repairers had declined to repair these coils and a new drum seemed the only solution . EPMS 2010 with our vast experience and knowledge of winding electromagnetic coils were able to tackle this kind of repair. The drum magnet was returned to its original condition at a fraction of the price of a new replacement. We at EPMS 2010 were also pleased to offer a new spare drum with with a forty per cent cost saving on the original purchase cost.

Steinert drum magnet coil repair priorSteinert drum magnet coil repair post








Multiple coil repair to large Steinert drum separator

Steinert drum separator repairEPMS 2010 has just completed another Steinert drum magnet repair during the winter months. All three coils where found to have very low resistance to earth when the drum arrived in our works, along with very badly damaged skin. The drum was completely stripped and all three coils were removed, this was followed by the removal of all of the old coil insulation and subsequent replacing it with Class H glass material.

We manufactured a brand new drum skin in 10mm manganese steel with twelve 60mm throw over cleats in order to aid material discharge. In addition we replaced both bearings with seals and then assembled drum which was fully tested before being delivered back to the recipient recycling plant in South Wales.


Two large drum magnet repairs

Two large Steinert Drum Repairs‎This the latest test of EPMS 2010 capabilities was to repair 2 large 2800 mm wide 1800 mm diameter drum magnets. Both where completely overhauled with one having its throw over coil re-wound with new throw over cleats and new bearings.

The main problem was debris entering into windings. The two units had aluminium end their flanges repaired by welding new laser cut segments to reinforce them as well as a complete strip and overhaul. Both units were the repositioned back on one of the largest shredder sites in uk.


Nationwide site services

EPMS Nationwide coverageEpms 2010 offer on site repairs all over the country, offering site support to any magnet crane user what ever size or make of magnet along with our specialised repair centre in Birmingham.



Large drum magnet repair

Large Drum Magnet repairThis large 2800mm wide and 1800mm diameter drum magnet was returned to our works following an electrical failure. Upon inspection it was found that the 18 tonne drum magnet had suffered failure due to debris which had entered the drum through the drum skin and had blown the coil's to earth (see photo below).

EPMS 2010 successfully removed the old blown turns from the outside of the coils and replaced them. returning the Internal winding repairunit back to its original spec at a fraction of the cost of a new drum. This demonstrates again the advantage of opening a drum magnet at regular intervals to repair drum skins and clean the internals of the drum if debris has collected around the vicinity of the windings, thus preventing potential damage to the electro-mechanics within the drum.

Upon completion this 2800mm x 1800mm 18 tonne electromagnetic drum leaves our works after extensive repair work including new skin and bearing change the drum was heading south to be entering straight back into service within a large shredder plant.


Slab handling magnet repair

Slab Magnet repairThis large 2 metre long 800mm wide slab handling magnet is from the largest steel manufacture in UK. This rectangular magnet was successfully fully rewound and our Birmingham works using high temperature winding material as well as new outer poles and centre poles. The magnet had seen a lot of work when it arrived but has now been returned back to original mechanical spec as well as having new coils and new insulation fitted.


Steinert non-drive bearing failure and repair

Steinert end bearing repairThis Steinert drum magnet was recently repaired at our works. The drum skin has been repaired and all coils were removed and re-insulated in order to bring them back to original electrical insulation specification.

This particular drum came in for repair following a non drive end bearing failure which resulted in the drum needing a new shaft. Yet another reason why EPMS2010 recommend changing bearings every 3-4 years of magnet use. Both large bearings where replaced. The drum magnet was then reassembled using all new bolts and seals, a new terminal box and then fully tested at our works.

The drum size was 2800mm wide 1800 diameter weighing in at over 19 tonnes. All work was carried out in our new workshop in Birmingham.


Steinert 1.6 metre wide electromagnetic over band repair

A recycling yard in the West Midlands recently sent their over band magnet in for repair which required the bottom manganese plate replacing after years of service. Our works removed the old one and cleaned all windings, replacing damaged insulation and re-varnishing coils. Then we folded the new 6mm  plate to match the original non magnetic plate. This was then followed by fully welding the plate back into position. All bearings on the tail and head drum were replaced as well as rewinding the drive motor and servicing the gearbox. The completely refurbed unit was returned to site where we assisted in it's installation.


Drum Skin Replacement On Site Service

This particular Steinert drum magnet had its skin replaced on site over the 2013 August bank holiday. EPMS2010 personnel and equipment were on site over 3 days, firstly we manufactured a new skin in our Birmingham works then delivered it to site with all the equipment to remove end flanges and change skin at our customer works.

Apart from changing a badly worn skin we also replaced both bearings, supplied and fitted a new duplex drive sprocket and cleaned the windings before re-assembly.

The fact that we could refurbish this drum magnet all at the customer's site saved the need for expensive low loader transport costs and minimised plant down time.

On site refurbishment with EPMS 2010 service

Our customer was so pleased he now plans to have his 2nd drum magnet out to be serviced as well. We offer this on site service to all drum magnet users throughout the UK


Dynometer Coil

Dynometer Coils at EPMS 2010EPMS 2010 are now a UK manufacturer of Dyno coils up to 800mm diameter. This particular coil was a straight replacement for a AG150 coil assembly which had been removed from a dynamometer for repair. The coil had seen significant ingress of water over a period of time and had finally failed electrically. It was decided to be more cost effective to supply a complete assembly rather than trying to save the aluminium can and try to fit a new coil.The customer was very pleased with this service and quality of coil along with it's size.

All coils are wound in class H insulation and potted in RTV rubber within an aluminium can.


EPMS 2010 New Lightweight 45 inch, 7.5 kW circular magnet.

EPMS 2010 has just supplied a new lightweight 45inch, 7.5kw circular lifting magnet to a scrap metal recycling company in Coventry

45 inch Light weight circular lifting magnet.The magnet was completely manufactured at our works in Birmingham along with windings and machining and the magnet has a robust case with 8mm manganese bump plate and 50 mm of wear on both centre pole and outer pole together with three leg three tonne chains. The light weight design is ideal for scrap handling cranes weighing in at just over 1000kgs it is light and nimble. Our coil windings are wound to class H specification and encapsulated in epoxy resin to prevent water ingress. The 7.5kw magnet gives exceptional performance for its diameter

The customer was very pleased with magnet and our fitting service.


3 off Vibratorary Magnet Refurbishment

Three large vibratory magnetsEPMS 2010 recently received 3 vibratory magnets from a large steel works in the north east of England, These magnets were scheduled for complete overhaul and refurbishment and weighed in at over 2.5 tonnes each. Upon dismantling we identified that each unit had several coils which needed rewinding. All 3 units were working in hazardous conditions with many seized parts and fixings. All mechanical work was undertaken in our engineering works as well as a skilled rewind of coils to class H specification. All Rubber gaskets and seals were replaced. Finally the units were then completely cleaned and painted to bring them back to a good aesthetic standard and then delivered back to the customer.


Steinert Drum Magnet Refurbishment

A Steinert drum magnet recently arrived at our works for repair, Upon inspection it was found that the drum would not rotate due to bearing failure.Once the drum was dismantled it was clear that the coils had also been damaged due to the drum skin dropping down when the bearings failed. The main coil on this drum magnet needed rewinding in addition to replacement of the failed bearings, plus the seals and a new duplex drive sprocket. To finish the the job, the dmgnet drum was aslo completely cleaned, all parts inspected and repainted in order to bring it to an "as new" standard.

Steinert refurbishment prior photographSteinert after refurbishment by EPMS 2010 Ltd


New Four Foot Radial Arm Drill

Four Foot Radial DrillEPMS 2010 have recently bought a new radial arm drill with 4 feet arm with large No 5 morse taper capacity. The new drill will increase our in house machining capabilities and increase the range of work we can undertake ourselves thus allowing us to provide a fast efficient drilling and boring facility. Another advantage will also be to greatly help to reduce transportation and labour costs by streamlining our magnet manufacturing process with the all magnet machining now contained within our workshop.

Steinert Eddy Current Separator Specialist Refurbishment

Eddy Current SeparatorEPMS 2010 have just completed the refurbishment of a two metre long Steinert Eddy Current Seperator from a one of Scotland's leading recycling companies. The original unit was badly damaged when it first arrived at our works. The ECS was completely stripped down and all high speed bearings and also all large roller bearings where replaced along with a new custom two meter long by 400mm in diameter glass fibre skin. Thus returning the unit back to its original condition.

EPMS 2010 have built up several good working relations with scrap and recycling companies north of the border which further bolsters our nationwide service and UK wide reputation for excellent breakdown service.


Expanded Servicing Capability

Newly expaned service fleetEPMS 2010 have recently aqcuired a third van to assist in servicing our customers nationwide. The addition to fleet of service vans will allow us to respond more rapidly to customer requests for site service at any one time. Thus allowing our engineers to independently travel straight to site with extra capacity, more plant on site and ultimately providing an improved reponse in breakdown situations.

Transformer overhauled for TATA Steel

EPMS 2010 LTD recently successfully removed a 1.5 MVA Transformer from a large steel making facility at TATA Steel and returned it to our Birmingham works for a complete strip down and refurbishment

Oil was drained from transformer, radiators removed, windings  were then de tanked . Then the transformer was mechanically and electrically checked.

The tanks were originally leaking and badly rusted in several place especially at the bottom and around the base .We removed the existing base and re fabricated a new base. Then repaired other areas of concern around the radiators and fixing points. The Transformers had all gaskets replaced, and then HV and LV boxes were cleaned and prepared for new cabling
The Transformer was then re assembled and filled with oil.

Finally it was painted with primer and top gloss and then delivered back to the Customer; awaiting installation.


EPMS 2010 have aquired a new winding jig

EPMS 2010 have recently invested in a new winding Jig, for winding and re winding Customers AC and AD Coils
The winding machine is suitable for any conceivable Coils, in particular.

> Electromagnetic coils
> Furnace coils
> Transformer coils
> Resin cast and encapsulated coils
> Any many more types

The new machine was designed to carry up to 4 Tons in weight. It has a coil diameter of up to 1. 6 metres, with a length of over 3 metres. It has been used to wind new coils and re wound coils.

The machine is run on a soft start inverter, controlling the motor and gearbox; allowing speeds of between 1 RPM to up to a maximum of 60 RPM.This gives us superb speed and tension control. Allowing us to layer wind and produce superior wound coils for tight coil spaces.


Company Registration

In March 2012 the company changed it's legal status from an LLP over to Ltd company, this is in allignment with the Companies Act 2006. Hence forward we are trading as Electromagnetic Power and Mechanical Solutions 2010 Ltd (Company number 7990536).


Large Drum Magnet

During February we supplied a 1200mm diameter EPMS 2010 electro drum magnet to Dalton Metal Recycling in Broxburn, Scotland. This addition to the plant was to assist in ferrous separation on their new shredder installation. The magnet was wound and assembled in our new Erdington workshop.


Swarf Collection Skips

Swarf collection skipsEPMS 2010 recently won an order to supply swarf collection skips for a large CNC machining company based here in Birmingham. The units were fabricated in house with a powder coated finish. As part of the job specification laser cut individual numbers were required in order to differentiate each unit.




Sunderland County Council

Small magnetic sweepersEPMS 2010 have won an order to supply Sunderland County Council with permanent magnet road sweepers. Sweeper sizes can vary from 300mm wide to 1.8 m wide. All sweepers are designed to be operated by hand and are backed with a five year guarantee.



Dalton Metals

Dalton Metals have taken the precaution of ensuring that they have a spare shredder motor to guarantee production should the existing motor fail.

The original motor is now with us to overhaul before it goes into the spare plant stock room; giving them peace of mind that if they need a spare it is there and will work first time.


Morcambe Metals

Large Drum MagnetEPMS 2010 recently supplied a large electro drum magnet 1200mm wide and 1000mm diameter to Morcambe Metals.

The owner James Valey was very pleased with the new magnet saying "That it performed exactly to our quoted specification and is a valued addition to his plant". This installation was a direct replacement for his old Steinert drum magnet and at a considerably reduced cost.

EPMS have several of these magnet separation units upto 2.2 metres wide and 1.8 metres diameter the weight of a larger magnet is over 12 tonnes.


Dalton Metals Inverkeithing Scotland

EPMS 2010 recently assisted Dalton Metals with service and upgrades to their new shredder plant which has been recently installed.

We supplied Transformer Rectifiers for Drum Magnets along with inspection and testing of various parts of the plant.

We look forward to providing any of our engineering capabilities to assist them in the future
and wish them the best of luck the new business venture.


EPMS upgrade of Substation in the Manchester Area

Over the last August Bank holiday, we completed the removal of a defunkt transformer. We replaced the transformer with a new 11KV transformer. This was completed in within the tight deadline of three days.

We replaced the existing 11KV cable and terminated into the transformer.
All work was carried out by Adrian Powell, Works Director and his skilled team of engineers.

As part of the same installation we also replaced the LV distribution board with a refurbished board and new cabling


Permanent Magnets

Plant for saleEPMS 2010 have sold a permanent magnet road sweeper to Sunderland County Council. The new 1800mm wide magnet sweeper was bought to remove all metals from service road leading to recycling centre. The facility used to get a lot of complaints from customers about punctures before the EPMS 2010 magnet sweeper was employed to remove road spillages.


New Installation

EPMS 2010 have just installed new magnet equipment at JT Watton's new yard in Ettingshaw, Wolverhampton. Tony at J T Watton bought a magnet case and we installed a 5kw DC generator and control gear. It took only three days for EPMS 2010 to get the new facility up and running.

Having installed magnet equipment in Watton`s other yard in Coseley in recent years,  EPMS 2010 would like to wish JT Watton's good luck in their new venture.



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