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Motor Rewinds and Sales



Motor Sales

Motor SalesEpms supply all types or electric motors up to 150 kw from 8 pole to 2 pole either foot flange mounted we offer a variety of manufacturers to suit all budgets and customers personal requirements.

We supply in both aluminium or steel cast bodies. We can support our customers with 24 hour motor Rewinds service to repair your motor, along with bearing changes metal spraying and machine shop facilities to repair any mechanical damage the motor may have suffered.

Motor Repairs

Motor MaintenanceWe have site engineers to assist any of our customers who need help in diagnosing the original problem which caused motor to fail. This together with help removing motor and re installing it after repair.

EPMS 2010 specialize in DC motors and generators re-winding field coils and inter poles cleaning and undercutting commutators,  supplying carbon brushes and offering on site DC machine servicing. Including brush checks commutator inspections and carbon dust removal.









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