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Circular Drum Magnets



Eddy Current Separators

EPMS 2010 Ltd have for some time now been offering a new repair service for Eddy Current Serparators. ECS's are received into our workshop and are fully inspected and cleaned to remove all internal debris.

Both high speed and low speed bearings are replaced as well as all dust and grease seals.

We supply and fit new glass board skins to fit all sizes and makes of eddy current separators (as pictured).

Repaired Eddy Current Separator

All refurbishment, machining and  fabrication is all undertaken in our purpose built workshop to ensure all mechanical repairs are carried out to a high standard.

Of course we then check actual magnet performance which is carefully analysed. Any broken or damaged magnet bocks are then removed and replaced with either standard ferrite magnet blocks or high performance Neodymium magnet blocks (as specified).

We also offer our site engineers to assist in removal or refitting of units including laser alignment and vibration analysis. 

Each finished unit is then crated up and returned to customer to ensure safe transit and storage.

A fully refurbished ECS unit

A completed ECS unit in our new works in Erdington.


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