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Coil Winding

Coil winding facility

Coil winding @ EPMS 2010EPMS 2010 are coil winding specialists so weather you have an AC three phase transformer coil that needs winding or a electromagnetic magnet coil for a circular magnet, rotary drum magnet, slab handling or plate lifting.

EPMS 2010 can assist you in rewinding or manufacture of a new coil however badly damaged it may be. We also wind and repair furnace coils, dynometer coils, vibrator coils and melting coils.

We offer a coil encapsulation service whereby the coils are cast in epoxy resin under a vacuum followed by a pressurized impregnation process in one of our custom chambers. We have many years experience in winding non rotating coils and we offer complete range of sizes from hand held, to large four ton coils. All work is performed in a clean purpose built winding shop, and can be wound either in copper or aluminium wire in either round or rectangular section.

Coil WindingOur highly skilled staff have many years experience in winding coils of all conceivable shape and size, where it is neccesary to fit a large amount of winding material in a confine space or the winding area is full we offer a layer winding facility  to ensure you get maximum amperes/turns ratio ensuring largest possible power output out of a coil to fit a given winding space.

We offer a range of coiling options i.e. air cooled, force air cooled, oil cooled, or resin cast. Our service extends far beyond simply winding coils, we also offer a fitting service or supply insulation if you prefer to fit your own coils.

All newly wound coils come with a standard manufacturers warranty of twelve months.






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